Thursday, January 9, 2014

!!!STOP!!! Birthday Party for 5 Years of Blogging (Your participation needed)

Five years ago, on January 9th 2009, I started this blog. Time to look back and to
by John Hritz, CC-BY-2.0
celebrate. But also time to look forward. And I need your help with both. Please continue reading, 5 minutes are needed.

In late 2008 I was looking for an easy way to share tips&tricks about DB2. Over the holidays I thought about trying out "blogging" and started it in January 2009. And now I can't believe that 5 years passed already. Time to celebrate: Some extra chocolate for me today and a big THANK YOU to you for reading what I write.

As part of the celebration I am looking for some gifts, i.e. your feedback:
Please send me an email to "hloeser" at the domain "" with a small note about what you like in the blog.
  • Did it help you with some specific aspects of DB2, like migration from Oracle, XML processing, taming the beast...?
  • Are you reading this blog because grammar my sometimes funny it looks?
  • Do you like the articles labeled "fun"?
  • Did you read my now "dated" articles on April Fools Days?
  • Did you try to solve all the quizzes?
  • Did you come to my blog for the series on epilepsy?
  • Did you come here by mistake after an Internet search?
  • Anything else?
And what do you want to read in the future? Again, please celebrate with me and send a quick email with some feedback. If you want to stay anonymous, please leave a comment.