Monday, March 25, 2019

Running Db2 Developer-C as Docker container

Container: Db2 the easy way
Last week I wanted to start testing some new Db2 features without going through the steps of installing that Db2 version. I turned to my local Docker installation, issued a single command and had Db2 up and running. Quite interesting, that command downloaded Db2, installed it, created a sample database. Here are the details.

Db2 Developer-C Edition as Docker Image

IBM provides a free Db2 edition, Db2 Developer-C Edition. It can be installed and used as Docker container, see here the Db2 Developer-C Edition in the Docker store. Once you have added it to your basket and checked out, you can download it and get information about how to configure it. Basically, only few values need to be set in an environment file (see db2_env_list below).

After adapting the environment file, I invoke the script (with a single command) to run Db2 on docker. If not downloaded yet, it obtains the container image, starts it, sets it up:

docker run -h db2server_ --name db2server --detach \
--privileged=true \
-p 50000:50000 -p 55000:55000 \
--env-file db2_env_list \
-v /home/hloeser/progs/db2:/database \

Thereafter, I can connect to Db2 using the usual tools and SDKs.

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