Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Upcoming Db2 IDUG conferences

A quick post on the upcoming Db2 conferences, organized by the International Db2 User Group (IDUG)

  • The IDUG North America "2021 NA Db2 Tech Conference" is going to be a virtual event again. It is scheduled from June 7-16, 2021. The conference agenda is already available and registration is open.
  • The European IDUG conference, 2021 EMEA Db2 Tech Conference, is still slated to be an in-person event. I hope to meet you in Edinburgh, Scotland, this year in October. The conference team offers mentoring for new speakers. The submission deadline just passed, but if you are a customer with a good proposal, there might be .... 

Last, but not least, I recommend to take a look at the IDUG page with regional Db2 user groups. Some of them offer virtual events, too, and facilitating networking and exchange of information during the pandemic.