Thursday, July 18, 2019

Rotate service credentials for Cloud Foundry apps on IBM Cloud

Keep your cloud environment secure
A popular PaaS (Platform as a service) technology is Cloud Foundry. On IBM Cloud, it is available both as public Cloud Foundry instances in multiple regions as well as Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE). Using Cloud Foundry for app development and production has many benefits. Personally, I like the ease of use and how services can be integrated with apps. When you search for my older Bluemix-related blog entries, you will notice that I had (and still have) fun using Cloud Foundry, including my attempts to catch a chocolate thief or testing the hybrid world early on. Similar to my recent blog on rotating credentials when working with IBM Cloud Functions, today, I want to discuss how to bind services and rotate their credentials in a Cloud Foundry environment.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Rotating service credentials for IBM Cloud Functions

Keep your service keys secret
If you have followed some of my work, you know that I use IBM Cloud Functions, i.e., a serverless approach, for many projects. The tutorials with a database-driven (Db2-backed) Slackbot and the GitHub traffic analytics are such examples. In this blog post, I want to detail some of the security-related aspects. This includes how to share service credentials (think of a database username and password) with a cloud function and how to rotate the credentials.