Friday, November 25, 2022

Finally together: Db2 and Zeppelin

United: Db2 and Zeppelin
If you followed my blog, you may have noticed that I wrote about Db2 and about Zeppelins in the past - but not together. Today, I am going to discuss how I configured a JDBC interpreter in an Apache Zeppelin notebook to connect to a Db2 on Cloud database. So, finally, within a single blog post, I can talk about both of them. Let's get started.

Monday, November 7, 2022

IDUG 2022 EMEA conference is over - keep it going

"IDUG 2023 EMEA will be in"
The IDUG 2022 EMEA Db2 Tech Conference is over. What a week it was! Hard work, not much sleep, technical education, in-person networking, fun, and much more. After getting home, I needed two days and especially the nights to recharge, then the last week to reflect. Here are my random thoughts...