Monday, January 13, 2014

New Redbook: Leveraging DB2 10 for High Performance of Your Data Warehouse

A new (almost) and very interesting IBM Redbook has been published last week: Leveraging DB2 10 for High Performance of Your Data Warehouse. Though the title says "DB2 10", parts of the book deal with DB2 10.5 and the BLU Acceleration technology. And the reason I said "almost new" is that the book is partially based on the redbook from 2010 "InfoSphere Warehouse: A Robust Infrastructure for Business Intelligence". As you can see, DB2 has a proven track record of supporting Data Warehouses and Data Marts.

The new book shows you how to get started with column-oriented storage that is key to benefitting from BLU Acceleration. It covers how to create data marts, load them, understand query plans (including the CTQ operator) and also how to monitor the system.

Similar to many other IBM Redbooks, this one is available for download as PDF, as EPUB or to view in HTML.

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