Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two essential links: IBM Data Studio and a free book

With a new version like DB2 9.7 there are other things you need or want, too. It's like with a house. You first remodel or upgrade something, then you need matching colors and hence buy new curtains, replace the carpet, try to get rid of some relatives (just kidding). Anyway, the point is that there are usually some added, often hidden costs or other issues.

The good news is that it is different and even free with DB2. Because you probably already got your free copy of DB2 Express-C 9.7, here are two essential links to make your database server remodeling complete (no relatives involved): There is a upgraded and free IBM Data Studio to take care of DB2 administration (and it has lots more). Finally, the free book "Getting Started with DB2 Express-C" has been updated to version 9.7 as well.

With all the bills coming in around the start of a new month, it is always good to see that there is so much good stuff freely available...