Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is it real? A virtual conference again

Today I received an invitation for IBM's next "Data In Action" virtual conference on August 19th:
This conference will feature effective data management solutions for smarter business outcomes. Hear from Donald Feinberg, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst from Gartner, about the state of the DBMS software market and data management challenges facing businesses today. The topics that Mr. Feinberg will examine include; the problem of exploding data volumes, new computing paradigms for handling this explosion, data management cost reduction techniques and technologies, and the perspective of the DBA now and in the future.

Following Mr. Feinberg will be a moderated panel of customers and partners who are leveraging the unique and desirable features only available in DB2 9.7.
In the invitation I got it says that the first 97 attendees will receive a complimentary memory stick. Sounds like a real conference with goodies. Hey, wait - it says IBMers are not eligible for the memory stick. Dang - reality is back.