Thursday, May 5, 2022

Custom domain for your serverless Code Engine app

Output of a IBM Cloud Code Engine app
A custom domain, e.g. somethin like, always puts a nice touch on an app. Often, it is required for corporate identity. Still, not all services offer that capability. As written, I recently migrated some apps from Cloud Foundry to IBM Cloud Code Engine. Right now, Code Engine does not support custom domains out of the box, but I heard that it is planned. Thus, I looked into temporary workarounds for using a custom domain name for my serverless Code Engine apps.

Options for apps with custom domain

To wrap a custom domain or domain alias around your IBM Cloud Code Engine app, there exist some options - more than I will list here. Basically, it is to deploy a reverse proxy or load balancer and point a DNS record to it. Typically for my deployments I have the apps on a subdomain and just use CNAME entries to point to them.

IBM Cloud Code Engine app with custom domain

There are many more options. As mentioned, right now it takes a reverse proxy / load balancer in front of the Code Engine app to configure a custom domain. I am eager to have such a feature supported by Code Engine directly.

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