Wednesday, March 16, 2022

From Bluemix to IBM Cloud, from Cloud Foundry to Code Engine

"Bring Your Own Community"
About seven years ago, I started to work with, then blog about Bluemix and Cloud Foundry. Not my first, but one of the first posts is titled "Some fun with Bluemix, Cloud Foundry, Python, JSON and the Weather". Reading that article again I feel nostalgic and it brings back memories of how I learned to deploy my apps to Cloud Foundry. And how I had fun with new cloud technologies.

Buildpacks and app manifests are still on my plate today, 12-factor app principles and cloud-native design, too. My recent IBM Cloud blog post is about best practices for migrating from Cloud Foundry to the serverless container platform Code Engine. The first part is about how to bind services to the app and to discuss required code changes for picking up environment variables. I share the Cloud Foundry and Code Engine version of the same app in the GitHub repository CloudFoundry-to-CodeEngine. There is even a mixed version that can be deployed to both compute options.

I hope that while reading that recent blog post or going over the GitHub repository you notice that I still have fun - even when it's not in the title... 

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