Friday, August 8, 2014

Manage a DB2 database on IBM Bluemix

I recently showed you how to set up a Python-based application that makes use of the SQL DB service (a.k.a. DB2) on IBM Bluemix. Today I give you a quick introduction into what you can do with the DB2 administration interface that is provided as part of the IBM Managed Database Service.

In short, the web interface offers to manage and monitor the database.
IBM Managed Database Service - Interface
Manage means that it is possible to drill down into existing database objects or, by running uploaded SQL scripts, execute DDL statements. Data can be loaded into tables, backup and restore are also offered. The monitor part focuses on watching which applications are connected to the database, what SQL statements have been executed and what is the status of existing tablespaces. A special monitor feature is to run Guardium reports.

Run DB2 DDL statements after uploading them

I tested the interface in order to create a couple tables for an application I plan to write, then load data. After I succeeded I verified that the objects were in the database, then took a quick tour through the monitoring options. All worked well, but I am missing the feature to run SQL statements or have more monitoring options like offered by the DB2 Technology Explorer. Based on the forum comments there is more to come.

You can try out the interface yourself by signing up for a free trial of IBM Bluemix. What did you do with DB2 on Bluemix so far?

Load data into DB2 tables