Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some flights, appliances, and "one size fits all"

As I wrote before, I was traveling within Europe. Similar to the Skymall brochure in North America, some airplanes feature the Worldshop brochure. I used some spare time and read about the new G3Ferrari Pizzamaker. This brought up memories of the Popcorn Maker, the Ice Cream Maker, the Donut Maker, the bread machine, and all the other advertised appliances. How many of them do you own?

One reason I don't own (all of) them is the storage space required when they are not used. Another reason is that they usually can only do what they have been designed for (sometimes not even that!) and it often requires reading additional instructions, getting familiar with the do's and don'ts. Sometimes, some of those "specialty appliances" are something en vogue for few months, then disappear again. I trust my (hightech) oven and my induction stove on helping me out when I need a pizza or some popcorn and they work fine for base regular food. They are my "one size fits all" solution to my culinary requirements.

The same goes for my database system. I trust DB2 to handle all kinds of data: Strings, numbers, dates, timestamps, and - yes - XML documents. DB2 can manage my data for OLTP applications and in BI scenarios. Sometimes, the crust on the pizza is not as crispy as that from a true Pizzamaker, but I can prepare a pizza side by side with a nice plum tart in my convection oven. Hmm, a taste of Fall...