Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Servers For Truth or IBM vs. Oracle

Youtube has a new IBM commercial, officially by "Servers For Truth", dealing with the still ongoing discussion about Oracle's TPC benchmark-related claims and the facts behind them. If you ever experienced election campaigns in the US, this commercial comes close to some of those election-related spots.


Norm said...

The best answer is to post a new DB2 9.7 (or PureScale) TPC number on Power7 with Infiniband and SSD.

As it stands today, the Exadata2 machine is tops in performance. Although Larry got fined for releasing info too early, they do have a test result that matches the claim.


Henrik Loeser said...


the nice thing about Oracle marketing is that they seem to be able to perform Jedi mind tricks to certain kind of people. The benchmark results which they published are NOT for any Exadata machine, but for another SUN/Oracle combination.



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