Friday, February 5, 2010

Electrocardiography (ECG), Health Checks, Performance Expert, DB2, and Oracle

Earlier today I wrote about a 24 hour ECG. That got me thinking. Did you know that IBM Information Management Services actually offer health checks? You can have a "health" specialist (in this case not a physician!) look over your database installation. Like you would expect, if there are findings, recommendations are given and maybe a prescription is handed over.

Similar to the 24 hour ECG, there is also a product called DB2 Performance Expert that does exactly (and much more) what this wearable mini-computer does. It collects all the data points and lets you evaluate them, even assists you in that.

BTW: Some non-DB2 (but Oracle) customers come to see the health specialists, too. They are suffering from high costs and other issues. Read more about it here.