Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why? Motivation (based on fun)

Over the weekend I took a look at the Top Viral Video Ad Campaigns and noticed something by Volkswagen. It's not directly by them but by a project they sponsor which is called The Fun Theory. The idea is to introduce a fun factor to (at least for short term) change habits for the better. So far they have three videos and all are very interesting and funny.

By introducing something unusual into a common, daily setting they are creating curiosity and then fun. With that they are motivating people to change habits, maybe only once, maybe for longer.

Many people (I **not** included) come up with New Year's Resolution. Usually those resolutions are related to changing a habit for the good and people tend to fall back to their regular routine after a month or so. And in most cases they do so because one important ingredient is missing: Motivation (and fun).