Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fun with Airlines

Yesterday, Adam's marketing thoughts were motivated by an old airline commercial and the feeling of coming home after a trip. That got me started last night because the feeling of "coming home" or "already feeling close to home" is what probably many travelers, including myself, share. I started to look for some funny videos that demonstrate my recent airline experiences. Here they are:

1) Flying has changed, it is safer today than it was, but the recent habit of charging for everything separately is annoying. Why not combine it?

2) The second video is about my experience as a tall person (198 cm / 6'6"). I have to crawl inside regional aircrafts. And in most others the overhead bins are a frequent hazard.

P.S.: Have a nice weekend to you all on DB2, Oracle, Informix, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Derby, and other database systems!