Sunday, November 1, 2009

How much data do I generate each day?

During vacation, I somehow got wondering how much data I generate each day. This is for all (in-) activities in a 24 hour slot. To make it simpler, I decided to only consider "private" activities.

Here is a list of activities, starting from night to day
  • Over night a lot of mail and packages are moved, leaving tracking data in databases.
  • There are also all kind of batch jobs running to produce statements, dig into details of transactions from the day before, and much more.
  • Because several alarm clocks are running, devices being on standby, and of course fridge, freezer, heating system, etc. performing their duties, energy consumption could be (e-)metered, leaving entries at the utilities. During the day, all kinds of electrical devices (stove, computer, microwave, washer/dryer, lights, etc.) will add data.
  • By making phone calls, connection records (and who knows what more?) is left. If I call a hotline, sometimes phone calls are recorded, often records added to CRM databases, etc.
  • When doing (grocery) shopping, a list of my items is added to the transactions. Maybe automatically some items are re-ordered.
  • Using electronic payment, a credit card/check card debit action is performed.
  • For paying bills, an electronic fund transfer with associated records at several banks is done.
  • When surfing, my traces are left in web logs, cookies are produced, "recommendations" are processed, Google and other ad networks/analytics/tracking companies are adding to my profile, my IP connections are stored, my DSL provider probably keeps additional information.
  • When parking in a downtown garage, my license plate is recorded during entry/exit.
  • The local library keeps a list (and maybe a history) of books on my and the kids' account.
  • and much more
What bigger items do I miss? How muck kBytes or MBytes is it every day? Should I be concerned or even frightened? Your comments are welcome...