Friday, November 27, 2009

Do you webcam?

With the days getting shorter, darker, and colder (here in Germany) thoughts about nice, warm, and fun Summer days pop up more frequently. It's the time when some people start eating Marzipan, flip through their [online] photo albums, or do other things to keep the spirits high. Do you webcam?

When I am on business trips and back at the hotel, I usually try to check a webcam from "my place" before calling home ("I know how it looks like right now"). Do you webcam, too?

Before talking with co-workers in other locations, you can check webcams to make talking about the weather more interesting ("it is NOT snowing in your place"). Do you webcam?

Here are some webcams I use from time to time:
  • Friedrichshafen has a couple of webcams and I will only list three around the airport. The so-called slashcam can be controlled and has nice views. The same goes for the Zeppelin webcam. The aero club located at the airport maintains 4 webcams.
  • Boeblingen, where IBM's German Lab is located, has at least this webcam.
  • For the conditions in San Jose, California, my former home and place of several IBM locations, the SJSU offers a cam.
  • A very interesting "local" webcam is installed on one of the ships cruising the Lake of Constance, on the St. Gallen. In the archive you can follow the ship on its tours across the lake.
Now I want to hear from you, what are your webcams?