Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Step back: I am a DBA! (or DB2 developer or IM specialist)

Yesterday, I read a news article about an airline announcing an expected delay of 8 hours because of a mechanical problem (on an island in the Mediterranean). They needed to fly in a mechanic. Then a passenger stepped forward, identified himself as aircraft mechanic, and later fixed the problem.

There are situations, when all kinds of people/occupations are sought ("We need a medic!"), but when was the last time you heard: "Is someone here a DBA?" When would be such a situation?


Terry Frangos said...

I would not doubt that someone is in need of a DBA or IM Specialist every day. Even in your scenario there was probably a database that informed the technicians that they needed a mechanic and if that database was not tuned and running as expected by a DBA who knows what would have happened. Behind the scenes and quietly an army of DBA's are running the world :-)

Henrik Loeser said...

Of course WE know that DBAs and DBMSs are running the world. Why else would we work in Information Management?

But do you stand in line in a supermarket, their POS system goes down and you step forward?

BTW: Once I was in a Costco in San Jose when their system went down and it took 20 min. to get it back online. No checkouts during that time...


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