Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Modeling messed-up Mashups means more money mapReduced?!

The title of this blog entry could be a headline in a regular IT or financial journal. Or it could indicate that someone is trying to pull your leg.

Anyway, the point I wanted to make is that as IT professional it is hard to keep up with all the technologies that are currently in or will be in. Many of us already know about developerWorks, IBM's resource for developers and IT professionals. However, probably most of us stick to what they already know, in my case Information Management- or DB2-related topics and offerings. But when you start from the top and take a look at what developerWorks offers in addition to your favorite topics, you will see it is a good resource for keeping up on IT knowledge. You will learn the difference between mash up and mess up and between map and shrink vs. map reduce.

Now add in alphaWorks, IBM's place to let everyone see and experiment with technologies that are not even products, and you are able to keep up and put some sense in some weird headlines.

What's missing is only some quiet minutes. I already instructed my wife to tell everyone asking for me I am over at "spouseWorks" and not to disturb me...