Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friedrichshafen, Dornier, Herschel, Planck, Hubble, Zeppelins, and Codernauts!

In the past I have written a couple times about Zeppelins and their role in Friedrichshafen and the connection to the Bay Area (my former home). Today, it is time to extend the Zeppelin stories to Dornier, one of the many spin-offs of the early Zeppelin company. Dornier went through several mergers/transitions and many assets are now part of EADS / Astrium (still following me?).

Tomorrow, an Ariane 5 will carry two satellites, named Herschel and Planck, into space (follow the live video stream). Parts of it have been developed and built at Astrium in Immenstaad (Friedrichshafen) and many in the Friedrichshafen area are following that event with excitement.

What's missing? The link to Hubble which is undergoing repair again. The Faint Object Camera on Hubble was built by Dornier with its roots in Friedrichshafen and the Zeppelin. Both Hubble and Herschel are/will be used to look deep into our Universe. And that reminded me about something (very) old: Codernauts! Enjoy the video.