Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Follow-up on resource reclamation: Search resources and Code Engine commands

Restore IBM Cloud Code Engine projects
Some longer I time ago, I wrote about resource reclamation in IBM Cloud. When you delete a resource, it is not immediately gone but moved into a kind of trash bin. It gives you some days to reconsider or to recover from accidents. Today, I am going to share some additional tips & tricks.

Search for reclaimed resource

In one the previous blog posts I already discussed reclamation CLI commands. When looking for certain reclaimed resources. What sometimes comes in handy, is the search command for resources. It has a parameter to filter for reclaimed resources.

ibmcloud resource search "*" --ir true

The above command takes a Lucene query, in this case a wildcard. The additional parameter "ir" (or "is-reclaimed") states that only reclaimed resources should be considered. Thus, I can easily find recently deleted resources pending full removal.

Code Engine tooling

The serverless compute service IBM Cloud Code Engine has support for project reclamations, both in the browser UI and for the CLI plugin. See above screenshot taken on the projects overview page. Recently deleted projects with full removal still pending are accessible via a link below the table with current projects. Clicking on that link brings up a list of projects which you can either fully delete or restore.

Code Engine also added CLI commands to manage project reclamation. You can list deleted projects, get details on an individual project, restore or fully delete it. Run

ibmcloud ce reclamation

to see the command help.

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