Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Trusted Contexts for enhanced security: Both in Db2 and IBM Cloud

Security feature in action: Trusted Profile

I trust you to know my old blog post about trusted contexts. Some years ago, I explained how to secure your Db2 database using trusted contexts. By establishing a trusted relationship based on specified attributes, the Db2 feature of a trusted context allows you to switch to another user ID or role, typically with more associated privileges. It is a great security tool to limit direct user privileges and still allow a user to perform tasks requiring more privileges.


Similar security concepts exist in other products and platforms. In IBM Cloud, trusted profiles allow to define trust relationships, the list of users and service IDs that profile should apply to, and the privileges to assign once trust is established.

Recently, I created a new IBM Cloud solution tutorial. Read my IBM blog post "New tutorial: Trusted profiles for secure cloud environments" for details, relevant links and more.

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