Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CeBIT: Goldsmith in the Hybrid Cloud - How to Create Value from Enterprise Data

Gold Nuggets - Data as Gold
Data, data, data. There is a lot of data, data already stored or archived, and data about to be produced, generated, measured, or even missing data. But there is not always value in the accessible data, even though data is considered the new gold. Similar to the real gold and a goldsmith creating jewels, data first needs to be worked on, refined, transformed and made interesting to consumers, turned into information or insight.

The data refinery and presentation requires the right infrastructure and the right tools. Thanks to cloud computing those resources have become available for everyone. IBM Bluemix offers a broad set of services to move, store and analyse data, so that data can be turned to value. It even provides access to social data, current, future and historic weather information and a catalog of open data sets, all easily accessible to augment enterprise data for greater insight. Cognitive services ("Watson") are able to dissect the data, enrich it, find associations and derive information.

To integrate existing on-premises resources like databases, ERM systems, and more Bluemix offers integration and security services. They allow to securely connect the on-prem systems to the cloud, cloud to on-prem or both, it is an individual choice. Dedicated, private network connections provide even greater security and performance. API Management helps to create sharable, controllable and billable access to resources, both existing enterprise resources or newly created information from analytic processing.

Data is the new gold, but often the gold needs to be refined to be of real value, to become a valuable jewel. Bluemix provides the tools and infrastructure to get started as goldsmith. Here are some pointers to get you going: