Friday, June 12, 2015

DB2 pureScale for the Masses

DB2 pureScale Cluster (nanoCluster)
It is almost four years since I wrote about my exciting tests with a DB2 pureScale demo cluster (see picture). At that time the pureScale feature was still fairly new and was supported on a limited choice of hardware/software. Since then the requirements to put DB2 pureScale into production have been reduced dramatically and at the same time many useful features have been added. Let me give a quick overview of why customers choose DB2 with pureScale for both scaling out systems as well as a consolidation platform. Today, DB2 pureScale really is something for the masses...

The following is an unsorted and incomplete list of features and good-to-know items that come to mind when talking about DB2 pureScale:

All of the above boils down to cost savings and higher flexibility, an important driver behind opting for pureScale. Having said that I need to mention that earlier this week I decided against pureScale. I gave a nanoCluster, the same type as pictured above, away to make some room in my home office.

BTW: I have been asked whether a DB2 pureScale cluster can brew a good coffee. What would be your answer...?