Thursday, November 7, 2013

TRANSFER OWNERSHIP: Pass objects on to others...

There are cases when ownership of database objects needs to be reorganized: People leaving the company, new rules from supervisory authorities (financial industry, ...), changes to applications, and much more. How do you change ownership in DB2? The answer is a statement introduced in DB2 9.1. The statement of question is TRANSFER OWNERSHIP.

The owner of an object or the security administrator (SECADM) can execute the statement and pass on the object to another user. SECADMs cannot transfer the object to themselves. There are over 20 different object types that can be handled this way. Even if you don't plan to change object ownerships it is a good idea to read the documentation for the TRANSFER OWNERSHIP statement as it nicely show what kind of objects are managed by DB2 and because for many of those their catalog tables are mentioned.

Why do I talk about such an "old" statement when I could talk about BLU Acceleration or the currently ongoing IOD Conference with all the announcements? Companies are planning DB2 version upgrades to exploit new features and to comply with new rules by certain deadlines.