Friday, July 26, 2013

Time to restructure life: Cognos with DB2 BLU for extreme performance

It is Friday, time for a video. DB2 10.5 comes with BLU Acceleration which combines columnar storage, extreme compression, full parallelization and hardware exploitation as well as in-memory computing for faster analytics (almost all buzzwords mentioned ;-). In the video today you see a comparison of Cognos on top of DB2 10.1 and DB2 10.5, showing the performance differences.

Why did I say "time to restructure life"? Just recently I visited a customer where many users kick off queries after coming into the office, then get some coffee and thereafter pick up the analytic results. With DB2 10.5 there is the fear of not having time for the coffee between tasks. As both an IT AND life coach my advise is to restructure life: First kick off the queries, collect the results, then have a coffee break to discuss business strategies based on current data. How is that? Maybe the results are even a reason that someone pays your tab...?