Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hot out of the lab: DB2 Best Practices: Tuning and monitoring database system performance (Completely Revised!)

Fresh and hot out of the DB2 labs: The existing DB2 Best Practices paper on database system tuning and monitoring has been completed revised and updated. It covers DB2 10.0, DB2 10.5, and PureData for Operational Analytics. On 80 pages it starts with hardware configuration for good performance (CPU, disk, memory, ...), configuration of the operating system and more, then delves into initial DB2 configuration for different environments. The next big section is on monitoring the system performance and which tools and APIs to use. Once you have identified possible problems, they should be addressed. The paper discusses how to deal with disk, CPU, memory and "lazy system" bottlenecks.

This is a very good update to the DB2 Best Practices series on IBM developerWorks. I covered some of the papers in past blog entries.