Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DB2 Quiz: Which command did I run?

I have DB2 installed on my machine and am connected to a single database. In another window I called a DB2 tool and this is the output:

 Database Member 1001 -- Active -- Up 4 days 21:04:36 -- Date 2013-04-30-

Database Member Memory Controller Statistics

Controller Automatic: Y
Memory Limit:         3202592 KB
Current usage:        482624 KB
HWM usage:            482624 KB
Cached memory:        138816 KB

Individual Memory Consumers:

Name             Mem Used (KB) HWM Used (KB) Cached (KB)
APPL-HLTEST              40000         40000       38912
DBMS-hloeser            153216        153216       57600
FMP_RESOURCES            22528         22528           0
PRIVATE                   9472          9472           0
DB-HLTEST               257280        257280       42304
LCL-p27623                 128           128           0

What tool did I use and which parameter? Any guesses?


Unknown said...

db2pd -dbptnmem

Unknown said...

Works also with table functions:

db2 "select * from table(admin_get_mem_usage()) as a"


Best regards

Henrik Loeser said...

That was quick! Yes, indeed, there are also some table functions to look into instance, CF, member, etc. memory details.

Something for a blog post... :)


Anonymous said...

Just a quick question about the heading... "Database Member 1001"
DPF has memberids 0 to 999, pureScale has memberids 0 to 127.. Where, when and why does 1001 come into play?

Reason I ask is because I have a 10.5fp5 system with the same behaviour.


Henrik Loeser (data_henrik) said...

I need to look into this as I don't have the environment anymore. My current machine reports database member 0.



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