Monday, December 10, 2012

DB2 fixpacks, support, APARs, and other information

About a week ago I had asked how you typically find information about DB2 fixpacks. With the new DB2 10.1 Fix Pack 2 and Data Studio 3.2 just released (and I back from travel), here is the way I usually trying to stay in the loop.

A good starting point is the IBM Support Portal. It requires a so-called "IBM ID" to manage a profile. There you can define RSS news feeds or email subscriptions to many of the IBM products, including the Information Management offerings. Information you can subscribe to include new or update Technotes (example: updated Technote on recommended fix packs for Data Server Client Packages), on fixes (example: IC84157, Crash recovery may fail if the mirror log...), product and packaging information (example: Mobile Database now included...), etc.

Once the new fixpack is available I usually first read the Fix pack Summary in the DB2 Information Center. It describes the high-level changes in the fixpack.

On the support pages you will also find an overview of the available fix packs for the different supported versions of DB2. When you click on one of the fixpacks, there are additional links leading to, e.g., the list of security vulnerabilities, HIPER and special attention APARs fixed in DB2 (here V10.1, FP2) or the list of the fixes (fix list) for that release. By the way: HIPER stands for High Impact or PERvasive, i.e., bugs with critical impact. APAR is Authorized Program Analysis Report and basically is a formal description of a product defect. Customers usually open a PMR (Problem Management Report) which may lead to an APAR (or not).