Friday, March 23, 2012

What is security and should I care?

I just returned from a longer trip. Without telling you where I travelled, I want to, I really have to talk about "security". I had to undergo checks in front of the hotel, when entering office buildings and malls, and several additional security checks at the airport. My suitcase and backpack were X-rayed here and there, quickly or with more focus, I was padded down, scanned, or just eyed up. But what for? So I started to test the checks.

I didn't hand over my cell phone or wallet before entering the scanner, I kept my backpack on while walking through them, I ignored the beeps. And I was successful - as expected.

Entering Information Management, database systems: Do you care about security, about protection of the data? Who has access to the system and who should have? Do you have checks in place and are they really working or are only show? Do you watch those in charge of protecting the data?

If you have some time, read a little bit about the DB2 security model or learn about the various tools in the IBM InfoSphere Guardium product portfolio.

BTW: I care about security, my personal security, that of others, and that of data.

P.S.: Highly trained professional in closed environment. Do not attempt at home...