Wednesday, October 26, 2011

IBM Data Studio Version 3.1 consolidates some Optim tools

Now that the new version of IBM Data Studio is available for download, it is worth taking a look at it - even if you didn't like Data Studio and the other Optim tools so far. IBM Data Studio is free to download and to use. And it combines features from the previous Data Studio offering, from Data Studio Health Monitor, and from the Optim Database Administrator and Optim Development Studio into a single products. Given that the DB2 Control Center is deprecated as of DB2 9.7, you can take your guesses why Data Studio has been beefed up.

So what does the new Data Studio offer? It has all the base database administration capabilities, all the "wizards" for accomplishing - step by step - administration tasks. It supports development of SQL statements and procedures, including the tuning, e.g., through visual explain. And Data Studio has lots of other features which may suit to your needs. As I stated above, give it a try and let IBM know through the usual channels what you think of it...