Friday, October 28, 2011

DB2 9.7 Fixpack 5 is available

The latest fixpack for DB2 9.7, FP5, has just been released. I took a look at the new features described in the Information Center. For the Express-C crowd the most important news is that PL/SQL can now be compiled, something that before was only available in the non-free editions of DB2. For the PL/SQL lovers also some new functions have been added to simplify migrations from Oracle to DB2.

Those working with HADR and looking for increased performance (and there is always a downside to it) can take a look at the super asynchronous sync mode. Another feature that I find interesting is a new procedure DESIGN_ADVISOR that can be used to get design recommendations from the server, so that you can write your own wrapper for the design advisor.

That's it for now, happy Friday and have a great weekend.