Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DB2: What does the error code mean?

Sometimes I run into a DB2 error that I don't know or there is a reason code given for which I don't know what it means. Of course, going to the DB2 Information Center and searching for, e.g., SQL5099N, is a solution. However, I am not always online or have a local copy of the Information Center available. But there is a simple solution close by: DB2 itself.

When you use the DB2 Command Line Processor (CLP), there is a small help section (try the "?"). Typing in the question mark and the error code, DB2 reveals the full error message including an explanation of reason codes and the so-called user response.

> db2 "? sql5099n"
SQL5099N  The value "" indicated by the database configuration
      parameter "" is not valid, reason code "".


The value of the named parameter is not valid for one of the following

The requested change is not made.

User response:

Resubmit the command with a valid value for the named parameter.

sqlcode: -5099

sqlstate: 08004

Life can be easy, even (especially?) when offline...