Sunday, January 10, 2010

About my pants and your systems...

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had a good start into the new year. After I was first stuffed a couple of times by my mother-in-law, then by my mother, my wife and I had an afternoon for ourselves. We decided to go shopping for clothes. Well, as you might guess by this time, it turned out to be no such a great idea in some (few?) aspects.

I tried on some pants and then realized that just after the holidays is not a good point in time to tell whether pants will fit comfortable for the rest of the year. I only could judge what pants would definitely not fit me for sure. On the plus size (no pun intended) I made the link to the IT world:

  • Do your systems have "fat" that you need to trim to have them run comfortably again? Do you have procedures in place to evaluate your systems from time to time? Do you even proactively trim your systems?
    (I remember the regular "file system is full, please delete your stuff" emails from various jobs)
  • How do you size your production systems in terms of storage capacity or CPU power? What is the peak performance you can expect your system to handle comfortably? Do you have procedures in place to re-evaluate your system capacity from time to time and to upgrade them if necessary?
  • How do you test new systems or software? What is good enough in terms of stress testing? When can you be sure that your system can deal with peak loads? Did you plan for the "unexpected"?
  • Your systems maybe could have had a good TCO when you implemented them, but that cost analysis could be outdated by now. Do you evaluate alternatives on a regular basis? Are you ready to make a switch?
I didn't clean up systems, but following that spirit I at least performed the quarterly cleaning of my home office.

 (Picture taken from here)