Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Preparations - Your action required!

I recently wrote about how companies make use of their address data during the last weeks of the year. Today, I thought to join the **fun** of ongoing holiday activities and start my own giveaway/sweepstakes. I will be crowning my "Reader of the Year" later this month. To be eligible, you don't have to submit silly forms, post holiday videos to YouTube, solve puzzles like "December is the ____ month of the year" or get your kids to paint your family.

All I am asking is that you leave some basic information, similar to other sweepstakes. Please comment on this post, with your name, your full address, your birthday, your annual income (full dollars/Euros/etc. is ok), your occupation, your detailed family status, and your highest degree of IT certification (no school information required!).

P.S.: And remember the fun part.


Anonymous said...

Norbert Nowhere
The Forest 55
1234 Romanshorn (CH)

Birthday: Need to ask my mom
Income: 70211 CHF

Happy Single, no kids

Dealing with XML in BLOBs in MyXML

Do you mean DBA certification?

Anonymous said...

Santa Claus
Northpole 1
[Hey, that's all]

Birthday: I am around for some time now

For charity, no direct income, some cookies only

Performance Specialist ("Joy to the world")

Anonymous said...

S. Pam
22 Openport
0815 Smtp

Income: Don't be jealous

Marketing Specialist, also active in pills, drugs, an dietary supplements


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