Friday, November 27, 2009

DB2 9.7 FP1 is available, supports read on standby (HADR)

Many companies are waiting one or two service packs/fixpacks before moving to new software versions, regardless of whether it is a database system, an operating system, or the software that holds together day-to-day operations (ERP). Well, let's start moving to DB2 9.7, FP1 is out now. No excuses anymore...

A list of enhancements is available in the Information Center, a general DB2 9.7 FP1 overview including the list of fixes is on the support page. The major enhancements include even more PL/SQL support to make it simpler to move off of Oracle and "read on standby" in HADR environments.


The Grumbling Hedghog said...

Actually, given how often there is now an 'a' fix pack, e.g. 9.5 fix pack 4a, and how serious some of the fixes in these are, I tend to wait a couple of months before going near a new fix pack.

leonsp said...

Congrats on being the #1 hit on Google when searching for DB2 9.7 FP1 and having useful links.:-)



Henrik Loeser said...

Thank you,


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