Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Teeth Whitening Tips and DB2 Express-C (and not Oracle 11g XE)

Recently, I stumbled over a so-called gadget that allows to add daily teeth whitening tips to my blog. How nice. But why would I want to have it on my blog? And are there that many tips that it warrants daily updates?

Today I was reminded about the teeth whitening because DB2 users have a lot to smile because of recent news and announcements (and white teeth may be of advantage on those group photos at the upcoming IOD Conference). DB2 users also have a reason to smile when reading the latest (no-) news on Oracle 11g Xpress Edition (XE). According to the Infoworld article, a no-cost edition of Oracle 11g is still a year out. Compare that with how quickly after the DB2 9.7 release the free DB2 Express-C was available. DB2 users can utilize it for developing applications, deploying it at no charge or even distribute it with their applications. And it is available on several platforms and operating systems.

BTW: Did I add the gadget to my blog? Check it out...