Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wow, Oracle combines database system with disks (again!)

Yesterday was the much overhyped event of a company announcing some dbms coupled with newer disk subsystems and an increased cache. The result is that as long as everything fits into memory and cache, performance will benefit from it. If not, it still sucks.

A nice summary of the event is over at The Register:
If Oracle is trying to convince Sun customers that it is committed to the Sparc platform, perhaps it is not trying hard enough.

Today's Exadata V2 launch event started 15 minutes late, if you missed the Webcast launch (you can see the replay here when it becomes available), and started with an "extreme performance" theme that showed Captain Larry Ellison and Oracle's World Cup catamaran striking impressive poses, and then cut to a live Ellison in the studio, who doesn't do his own clicking during presentations and started out by admonishing some worker with "Next slide, please, I already know who I am."
BTW: While you are at it, please read here how companies have moved from Oracle to DB2.