Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TPC fines Oracle for recent benchmark claims

The Register has an article about Oracle being fined by the TPC because of recent ads related to Exadata2. Oracle has to pay $10,000 and was ordered to remove/withdraw ads, webpages, etc. which Oracle apparently already did.

Added: The issue is here at the TPC website.


Anonymous said...

1. Oracle has breached some rules but its claims that its new product is more efficient were not completely ruled out
2.It is worth noting that same article raises doubts about IBM TPC-C benchmark data.

Henrik Loeser said...

Right now I only know about the fines and not complying with set rules. The public cannot comment on whether its new product is more efficient (in terms of TPC-C) because there is no official publication yet.

The article also mentions IBM benchmark data (as pointed out by you). When you read the details in the article, it is about different results on IBM p/Series and IBM i/Series. That's two different HW platforms and differen SW products. DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows has made significant performance improvements over the years, not just for TPC-C. The same goes for the p/Series AFAIK.


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