Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring has arrived (no Java inside!)

Spring is finally here! For those of us who are too deep in software I want to emphasize that it is NOT Java-related, it is the season and Wikipedia has this:
The phenological definition of spring relates to indicators, the blossoming of a range of plant species, and the activities of animals, or the special smell of soil that has reached the temperature for micro flora to flourish. The first swallow to arrive for the flowering of lilac may be the indicator of spring. It therefore varies according to the climate and according to the specific weather of a particular year.
What is not mentioned in the Wikipedia article is that it is a very nice part of a year when living in a passive house. The Winter has been cloudy and foggy here in the Lake of Constance region, but now the sun is shining and both warming our house and the water. The solar panel on our roof is getting enough hours in sun light to heat up the entire water tank, and also inside the house it is nice and warm without a heating system.

What else is missing in the Wikipedia article? Both our local Zeppelin here in Friedrichshafen as well as the one in the San Francisco area are starting passenger flights again. It's nice to see the Zeppelin overhead, tourist season is coming.

Finally, Spring is also linked to Spring cleaning. There seems to be a complete checklist of what to do during Spring cleaning. I just checked and I couldn't find upgrading to DB2 9.5 on it. One more important thing to consider for the coming days...