Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Blog series on cloud security and account cleanup

Cleaning up unused cloud privileges

Regular account cleanup is part of account administration and security best practices, not just for cloud environments. So it is great when your cloud provider offers functionality to analyse the security setup and to detect unused (inactive) identities and privileges in your account. Over the past year, I looked at those features and thereby created a mini series on cloud security and account cleanup. Here is an overview.

IBM blogs

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IBM Cloud account cleanup

The following blog posts are related to cleaning up identities and privileges in your IBM Cloud account.

The above are just the blog post on cleanup of identities and privileges. You can find more security blog posts and other topics at my IBM author page or in this blog. If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions about this post, please reach out to me on Twitter (@data_henrik), Mastodon (, or LinkedIn.