Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Covid19 phone challenge: My old Nokia has Android now

My reliable Nokia phone
During these nasty times, you need a steady, reliable companion. It is my old Nokia phone (pictured). It takes phone calls, has an alarm and the current time. Moreover, it serves as projectile against all kinds of "obstacles". The only things missing are Db2 and a Linux terminal. Anyway, this was about to change. Today, I learned that finally (finally!) Android has arrived for this phone with the latest firmware upgrade.

Upgrade the Nokia for Android support

Download the upgrade instructions and the zip / archive file with the firmware upgrade from the Nokia support page. You need an USB cable with a Mini-B connector. Unfortunately, the upgrade software only runs on Windows 8 and 10, not Linux. Thus, I needed to use my Windows 10 on KVM to get around it. Once set up, I only needed to follow the instructions and it was a fairly smooth ride. Once the phone booted up, I tried to install this Android app and it worked as expected.

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