Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Db2 2 V11.1 Mod Pack4 and Fix Pack 4 is available

New Db2 Mod / Fix Pack
The latest product update for Db2 is out, Mod Pack 4 and Fix Pack 4. You can read about the new features (because it is a Mod Pack) in this Mod Pack and Fix Pack Updates document. Here are some of the focus areas:
  • There are several improvements to High Availability when using HADR.
  • db2pd has a new option "-barstats" to monitor progress and performance of backup and restore operations.
  • ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE has seen some enhancements, including a new ESTIMATE option.
  • Application developers benefit from new JSON support that features functions like JSON_QUERY, JSON_TABLE and JSON_EXISTS (Hello, XML developers!).
  • Several new data sources can be integrated using the federation capability. This includes SAP HANA, HDFS parquet files and CouchDB.
  • A long list of Db2 pureScale improvements for performance, administration and monitoring.
And if you are curious about ongoing product enhancements to Db2 on Cloud, Db2 Warehouse and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, then check out this related "What's New in..." page.

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