Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cloud app development with Db2 - Db2 Aktuell Conference

Db2 Aktuell conference in Germany
Next week I will give a talk at the Db2 Aktuell conference in Berlin, Germany. My presentation is about developing Db2 applications in a cloud environment. Regardless whether you are new to "cloud apps" or to Db2 application development, there is always something to learn.

The secret is in the credentials

Regardless of whether an application is deployed as container to a Kubernetes cluster, as Cloud Foundry app, or is written with Cloud Functions, it always needs to figure out how to connect to the (Db2) database. If the database is provisioned as a service (DBaaS) the related credentials are issued. By binding the service to the app or its components, the application code can extract the connection details from the credentials and access the database.
Depending on the technology the credentials are stored in package bindings (Cloud Functions), in VCAP environment variables (Cloud Foundry),  or secrets (Kubernetes).

Make it fast

Having a functional app does not mean to have a well-performing app. It requires skills in database app development and in database administration. Understanding what data is needed by the app and cutting away "fat", i.e. unnecessary data and processing, helps improving overall performance. It means restricting columns to a minimum, applying the right predicates, optimizing for the desired result set and more.

Meet in Berlin

Interested to learn more? Let's meet in Berlin next week at the Db2 Aktuell.