Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Learn about chatbots at upcoming IBM Cloud Meetup

Learn how to chat at the Meetup
Want to quickly and easily build a chatbot, integrate it with Slack, Facebook Messenger or other platforms? Connect the bot with a database? Join me at the IBM Cloud Developers in Stuttgart Meetup on July 17th for an introduction, hands-on session and discussion. And there are drinks, too (I have been promised).

If you followed my blog and the chatbot-related posts, you probably already know what to expect. First, I am going to introduce you to chat / conversation services and the standard terms. Then, we jointly will take a look at the IBM Cloud solution tutorials and the chatbot-related resources. I plan to finish with a demo showing how to build a chatbot from scratch in few minutes and to integrate it into Slack. If you are close to Stuttgart, join me on July 17th for the chatbot session.

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