Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Db2 Catalog - A Guided Tour

The title of this blog entry is how I have named a new presentation I am currently preparing. It hope that this tour will provide fun and many useful insights into understanding the Db2 catalog and make better use of it.
New data for the Db2 Catalog?!

What is an empty database? How did the entries for system tables make it into the system tables? What are packed descriptors? How can I simulate small or big data sets? Is it possible to call the catalog "data dictionary" and access it in the Oracle style? How does the Db2 Catalog relate to SQL performance and data security?

Those are some of the questions I try to answer. You can see me talk about that topic at the upcoming IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, or the DB2 Aktuell in Essen, Germany.

The Db2 Knowledge Center has quite many entries related to the catalog and related topics. Here are some I will talk about:
Interested? Register for the conference(s) and make sure to attend my presentation. Now, I need get back to preparing those sessions...

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