Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Starter Kit for Data-Driven Cloud App with Access to On-prem Resources

Cloud App with On-prem Integration
Over the past week I have been trying to create a simple yet versatile sample to get developers started with data-driven cloud apps on Python. The application uses the Flask framework for the web and SQLAlchemy for the database part. The app is database-agnostic and can be used with dashDB, DB2, MySQL and other relational database systems. As many companies do not start from scratch, a bigger part of this (kind of) starter kit demonstrates how to integrate an existing database with new cloud app on Bluemix.

To get quickly started and to avoid needing to deal with corporate security standards and administrators, the on-prem database is simulated by a virtual machine or Docker container. The app itself is a variation of a classic, displaying and adding to a list of bookmarks or reading material. It is stripped to the core and documented to focus on the "getting started" aspect.

The sample app is available on GitHub in the repository Bluemix-onprem-data. As usual, let me know if you have questions and something needs to be clarified.
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