Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Watch this! Move your DB2 monitoring to the in-memory interface (WLM monitoring)

Since its first days as a database management system, DB2 has been been changed. It has been extended by new features to serve customer requirements and has been adapted to the state of the art in hardware and software technology. One major new feature has been the introduction of the DB2 Workload Management in version 9.5 and related more comprehensive monitoring with finer granularity (in-memory metrics monitoring) in version 9.7. As with many product changes, it takes a while for customers to really put them to use and reap the benefits, especially when the existing functionality still works.

Thus I was happy when I saw a new article on IBM developerWorks describing how to move off the (old) snapshot monitoring interfaces in DB2 and to the in-memory metrics monitoring. What is included in the article is an overview of the advantages of the newer interface. This should get you motivated to read the rest of the article (and then to migrate if not done yet). It contains a side-by-side comparison of old and new interfaces and has many sample SQL queries. The queries demonstrate how to obtain DB2 runtime metrics using the old and new interface for some popular monitoring tasks. You can find the documentation of the SQL interface to the in-memory metrics in the DB2 Knowledge Center in this overview. Most of the pages in the manual have further SQL samples to get you started.

So take a look, it will also help you with one of the upcoming DB2 quizzes on this blog.