Friday, February 21, 2014

Today I did NOT work. I worked, had fun, and learned a lot

My plans for today are to have a lot of fun and to learn. And it is real work, really. So what is my schedule for today?

Part of the agenda is watching The DB2Night Show with the current DB2's GOT TALENT Contest. Experienced DB2 users share their secrets, special tips & tricks, and lessons learned. So it is an hour worth spending. It helps build up additional skills and will make your boss happy. And it is fun.

Then I plan to download the poster for DB2 10.5. After printing and distributing it in my department, it is easy to explain that the BLU Acceleration technology is something deeply integrated into DB2.

Next on my list is to make sure that my membership is the new German DB2 User Group (DeDUG: Deutsche DB2 User Group) has been confirmed. It is a free registration. More news about the DeDUG is here.

Last, I wanted to check that the backups are available, just in case. The weekend is coming up and I plan to have fun - without any work-related stuff. In the video below, Rodney sings about why we should care for backups, why they are not a waste of money and time. He was a bootcamp participant this week and backups were a topic.

Have fun, learn, and enjoy the weekend after finishing off work.